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Rape them

These are my greatest insperations
I like to call them gods
so go watch them
all of them
or i'll set pearl on you!!


I look up to these artists in the hopes i will one day become as good of a digital or tradtional artist as they are.



Fallen Black Box | Entry 001
Date | Unknown
Location | Unknown
It's always dark.
It's always so dark here.
It's always dark but never night. It's always dawn but never day. My internal clock says it's taken me near on three months to pull myself together and to restore what i can of what survived the crash. My memory is shot to hell but I do know one thing remains etched deep into my programing.
Humans are to blame. They think they are rid of an out of date android. Ha. They build me to last and last I shall. My memory's, thoughts and findings I shall keep in my internal log. When I can find materials suitable for recording events I shall create an external log as well. My initial thoughts on my surroundings is I have landed in a truly extraordinary place. The trees grow as tall as sky scrapers and look to be as old as time with ancient craked bark. Vines of silver climb their way to the very tops of these natural wonders. The soil is rich and the forest floor is litter
Fallen Black Box | Entry 002
Date | Unknown
Location | Unknown Forest
Shelter at last!
I was afraid if I did not find shelter soon I would rust away, the canopy of the forest can only protect me for so long.
I have built a small shack from fallen timber and branches at the root end of a large upended tree. Some times as i sit and listen to the patter of rain against my makeshift roof I think of what became of this tree, why it met with such a sad end when it's brethren around it are still standing strong. Its looks as though some great beast has ripped it from its sturdy foundations, as trunks surrounding this one have the remains of deep gash marks that now grow with moss and small toad stools.
My poor tree was the weakest.
Yet the vastness of this tree! The nest of it's strong roots! The beast must have been great indeed. I hope that it does not still linger in these parts, for i would be doomed if it did.
My first observations that no life would return to these parts were gre
Fallen Black Box | Entry 003
Date | Unknown
Location | Shelter
Thank god I set a marker in my internal GPS, or else I would have been lost forever on my expedition deeper into the forest.
For six days I mapped out my surroundings and looked for the source of that howl. Unfortunatly I never found it, not on this trip at least. Instead I made several small discovery's that may aid in my survival.
As there seems to be no magnetic pole to this planet I have had to use my fallen tree as a compass and create four directions to aid in keeping my log if anyone else should read it. Leaf-way, roots-way. berry-way and toadstool way all correlate with my tree and will have to do as directions for now.
On to my discoveries.
Berry-way I have found a small stream that falls into a pond, The waters are crystal clear and it is easy to see the grasses and plants below these temporary waters created by the recent down pour. Leaf/toadstool-way are a small cluster or rocks. On closer inspection I h


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bum bum bum

Wed Dec 11, 2013, 2:46 AM
just movin shit around

dont mind me

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Metal Creaure

20 | Wannabe Artist | Fuck off

I should start off by saying that i swear, a lot. I quite enjoy it actully so dont be offeneded if i insult you, I tend to do that when I compliment people.
Im currently studying Electrotechnology ( 10 points if you can figure out what that means )
and I am a third year student. I really enjoy art and I have since I was little so Im really hoping to get back into it. I enjoy drawing in felt tip pens, conte and water colour. Andd.. yeah feel free to talk to me. I can be a hard one to talk but i dont bite that much :3

CSS stuff by =Gasara and 'CypherVisor


just you wait


So.. This is part of this project.. yep.. ENJOY THE BONEHOUND


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